What is e commerce

Electronic commerce or in short name e-commerce is the way to make sales, commercial transactions in internet. E- commerce includes all type of businesses like whole sale companies or retailers, trading goods sellers, music sites etc.

E commerce basicly making consumers to take what they need electronically. Which allows consumers dont get any barriers like distance or loss of time. In passed 5 years ecommerce grew and expanded and still continue to expand. In near future some authorities thinking nearly all businesses will move ecommerce and move their shops to internet and move their operations from there.

E commerce is not just for business to consumers. It also has another way which is called business to business or in a short name B2B. B2B businesses work as a customers or suppliers and deal with hundres of other businesses. Whole salers with thousands of products are selling their goods to retailers in that way. In this method costs going low and give lots of advantages to both businesses.

Creating a great and successful online store can become very difficult if you unaware of ecommerce principles. Also you need to be aware of what ecommerce suppose to do your business. Good researching and understand of guidelines good and properly will help alot. Before opening online business your e-business plan should be well arranged. After you do your homework good your online store will be a successful one.

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