Seo and How to get your website on Google

Good and unique contents made your website popular. If your website’s user traffic grows Google makes attention on your website. This will made your website successful on search engines. Because Google wants to Show unique and interesting contents on results. Basically we can say that.

How is Google ranking system?
Google shows unique and rich contentful websites preferably. Consequently fill your website with unique and rich contents which is useful and true infos. Because of that people may share your website on blogs, wikis and social media. And this make Google to follow your website’s actions.That means finally you will be able to raise your rank.

Better results on 3 steps

First step : Have useful and unique content. Add many keywords to your content to make your website findable. With this way people can reach your products or services easily.

Second step: Design your website easy to share adn linkable.

Third step: Repeat first and second steps regularly.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has a simple system. Seo, made your websites reachable on search engine results with keywords and sentences. Basicly we can say that Seo is a quality check system. Only if unique and rich content wont be enough to Show your webtise on search engines it’s logical to start making Seo. By that way your website will be permanent on search engines.

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