What is Web Design?

Design and web design mainly means collecting ideas combining them making a completely different things by certain principles for a purpose.

What are elements of web design

Mainly there are five steps to make a good end user friendly web designs and there are:

Layout: This is the first step to make a design. You need to arrange texts, advertisement and graphics. In the web world main goal is to help users to find they seek easily. And this means you need to maintain balance between the ads text and graphic.

Colour: Second step should be to arranging colour of your web site. It can be simple like just white and black colored or you can use multi colors. If you are going to use multi color you can pick colors for your personality or if you are an organization you can pick colors of your brand.

Graphics: Logos, icons, photos are all inside in graphics. All of those parts just for the enhance your web design. For the good purpose of end users logos, icons and photos are need to be placed properly and needs to be similar to your layout colors. Also when you are choosing photos, and icons you need to look for small files which makes your web sites open faster.

Fonts: Using various fonts wil surely enhance your website design. Most of the known web browsers like Google, Bing, Yandex are can only read selected number of fonts called web safe fonts. Because of that when you are looking for fonts you need to pick the ones are suitable for web browsers.


If you focus to make content and design work together you will get better results for your website. Written text should be always unique useful and relevant so users can stay on your websites more. As long as end users are not get confused on your websites it will make them stay longer and give more traffic to you. Also your content must be optimized for search engines and includes keywords.

After all this steps and analysis your will be ready to launch.

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